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The effect of gender norms on the association between violence and hope among girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Implementation of ACASI among adolescent girls in humanitarian settings: feasibility, acceptability, and lessons learned
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Back to What Counts: Birth and Death in Indonesia
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“Adapting to learn, learning to adapt”: Overview of and considerations for child protection systems strengthening in emergencies
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The CPC Learning Network convenes academics, policymakers, and practitioners to promote innovative research, nurture communities of learning, and build the next generation of researchers and advocates for children and families worldwide.

The Latest from the Network

CPC Learning Network News

Newsletter: December 2016

As a new year is quickly approaching, and we wanted to take some time and reflect on all of our work in 2016. It has been a busy and wonderful year! Update on priority countries The work undertaken by our institutional affiliates and Program Learning Groups around the world remains the inspiring touchstone of all that we do at the CPC Learning Network.  In Colombia, the Universidad de los Andes, the CPC Learning Network Secretariat, and UNICEF seized upon the moment created by the peace process to look at the role that education and peacebuilding endeavors can play in reintegrating ...Read More

Newsletter: November 2016

CPC partners have been organizing and participating in important and crucial events around the world--for example, in Bogotá, UNICEF, the Universidad de los Andes, and the CPC recently convened government, civil society, and academic partners to explore psychosocial support in schools and learning spaces as Colombia prepares for peace.  There is also momentum in Burkina Faso--below you will find two recent and complementary studies about child well-being there.  We are excited to announce that the CPC Learning Network has been asked to serve as the civil society co-lead with the World Health Organization on the INSPIRE package, a seven-part strategy ...Read More

October 13, 2016 Webinar: Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts

CPC Learning Network hosted a webinar with Laura Rawlings and Jeffery Tanner from the World Bank discussing “Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts” on Thursday, October 13 from 12-1:30pm EDT. Laura moderated the discussion and gave an overview of how the World Bank is approaching early childhood development. Jeff presented the results of a recently completed systematic review of the evidence on the long-term impacts of early childhood development initiatives as observed in primary school years and on to adulthood. They identified knowledge gaps and invited a discussion on how to build evidence around promising initiatives to fill these gaps. Download the ...Read More

June 21-22, 2016: Biennial Meeting of the CPC Learning Network

Evolving Methods for an Expanding Field: Global Research with Children and Families in Adversity Venue: Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) Campus Objectives: This meeting will produce the following outcomes among CPC Learning Network partners and affiliated individuals and organizations: Innovative research on international child protection and family welfare will be presented with the opportunity for reflections on navigating the path forward in this field. Working from a new "Theory of Change," we want to take stock of the current state of knowledge on child protection and family welfare, learning from the research and evidence generation of members both inside and outside of ...Read More

Beyond Survival: The Case for Investing in Young Children Globally

The National Academy of Medicine published Beyond Survival: The Case for Investing in Young Children Globally. The paper argues that investing in young children globally is a primary means of achieving sustainable human, social, and economic development, all of which are vital to ensuring international peace and security. In the paper, 31 experts, including a number of CPC faculty affiliates, argue that current international assistance for children in developing countries focuses too much on single categories of vulnerability rather than young children’s holistic well-being. The co-authors note that without a proactive effort to integrate programs for young children, harmonize implementation, ...Read More

Special Issue of the Peer-Reviewed Journal Global Social Welfare: Research, Policy, and Practice

We are proud to announce the launch of a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Global Social Welfare: Research, Policy, and Practice; guest-edited with colleagues from the Better Care Network, the nine articles in the issue present the cutting edge of research concerning measuring issues related to children's care. With special permission from the journal's editor, we will be able to make all articles open access during the month of June, so please do take advantage of that period to access the articles! Measuring Better Care: Building the Evidence to Inform Policy and Practice Around Children's Care This special issue ...Read More

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