Measuring Human Rights Violations in a Conflict-Affected Country: Results from a Nationwide Cluster Survey in Central African Republic

ResourceSS_HRV CARThis article, published in Conflict and Health, presents findings from a nation-wide survey in Central African Republic on human rights violations. Measuring human rights violations is particularly challenging during or after armed conflict. A recent nationwide survey used the Neighborhood Method in the Central African Republic to produce estimates of rates of grave violations against children and adults affected by armed conflict. In June and July, 2009, a random household survey was conducted based on population estimates from the 2003 national census. Respondents in randomly selected households were interviewed regarding incidents of killing, intentional injury, recruitment into armed groups, abduction, sexual abuse and rape between January 1, 2008 and the date of interview, occurring in their homes’ and those of their three closest neighbors.The population-based figures greatly augment existing information on human rights violations in CAR, and represent a step forward in quantifying the protection needs of Central Africans.

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Measuring human rights violations in a conflict-affected country: results from a nationwide cluster survey in Central African Republic

Author(s): Alina Potts, Kathleen Myer, Les Roberts
Year of Publication: 2011
Resource Type: journal article

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