Counting Children Outside of Family Care in Cambodia

Two national household surveys, the Demographic and Health Surveys and the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, drive assessment of the Sustainable Development Goals, Poverty Reduction Strategies and other major international platforms in low- and middle-income countries. However, little attention has been given to the fact that household surveys are limited to people living in households, therefore excluding some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, including the homeless, people living in institutions, and migrant laborers. These children lack the most fundamental protections provided by a permanently engaged and/or minimally resourced parent or caregiver, with grave consequences for their physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

Recognizing the measurement gap for this population, the CPC Learning Network has partnered with the National Institute of Statistics in Cambodia to develop a set of methods and tools for establishing a nationally representative estimate of the number, distribution and basic characteristics of children outside of households. Enumeration is focused on two key sub-groups of children in Cambodia: children living in residential care institutions and homeless urban children. The objective of the research, which is supported by USAID and JSI, is to generate inclusive data to guide policy makers and service providers in recognizing and protecting these children. Follow-up enumerations in Cambodia will be used to assess progress towards the national goal of reducing the number of children outside of households.

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Estimating the size of the homeless adolescent population across seven cities in Cambodia

Author(s): Lindsay Stark, Beth L. Rubenstein, Kimchoeun Pak, Rosemary Taing, Gary Yu, Sok Kosal, Leslie Roberts
Year of Publication: 2017
Resource Type: article

National estimation of children in residential care institutions in Cambodia: a modelling study

Author(s): Lindsay Stark, Beth L. Rubenstein, Kimchoeun Pak, Sok Kosal
Year of Publication: 2017
Resource Type: article

Estimation of Homeless Children Across Seven Cities in Cambodia

Year of Publication: 2016
Resource Type: report

A Forgotten Population: Estimating the Number of Children Outside of Households in Cambodia

Author(s): Beth L. Rubenstein and Lindsay Stark
Year of Publication: 2016
Resource Type: article

Opening Speech of H.E. Hang Lina, Director of NIS Cambodia

Year of Publication: 2015
Resource Type: speech

To read the Guidelines for Enumerating Children Outside of Family Care, please see our research page.

To read the Columbia University press release 'Children on Their Own in Cambodia', please click here.

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