Tackling child labour in fragile states: three approaches

Since 2020, Partnership Against Child Exploitation (PACE) partner the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network at Columbia University has followed the delivery of various pilot interventions implemented by other agencies in the PACE consortium. The resulting guidance papers offer insights and recommendations for implementers planning to deliver similar activities in programmes designed to combat the worst forms of child labour.

The three pilots were delivered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR) - both fragile and conflict-affected states presenting a range of context-specific challenges for the implementation teams. By observing and documenting the delivery of these pilots, the PACE consortium hope others can benefit from the lessons learned, and strengthen the delivery of their own interventions.

The three pilot interventions reviewed are:

  1. Reinforcing children's agency through youth-led advocacy
  2. Parenting interventions
  3. School gardens interventions

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Tackling child labour in fragile states: three approaches

Year of Publication: 2021
Resource Type: report

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