Mohamadou Sall

Professor of Population Studies
Director of the Institute for Training and Research in Population, Development and Health Reproduction (IPDSR)

Mohamadou Sall, PhD was born in 1963 in Richard Toll, Northern Senegal. His credentials include a BSc in Geography (UCAD, Senegal), a MSc in Demography (IFORD, Cameroon), a postgraduate diploma, and a PhD in Population-Development-Environment Interactions (UCL, Belgium). He is a Professor of Population Studies at the Institute for Training and Research in Population, Development and Health Reproduction (IPDSR) of the Cheikh Diop University in Dakar, Senegal and since May 2017, the Director of this Institute. He oversees the following courses: Introduction to Population Studies (An Interdisciplinary Perspective), Demographic analysis with a focus on Mortality Analysis, Population Doctrines, Methodology of Research, Population and Development, Population Policies and Programs, SPSS Software. He has been involved in many studies related to maternal and child health, community health, child protection, international migration, fertility transition, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and education as P.I. or Co-P.I.

In the field of children in adversity, Professor Sall has participated with ENTSS, the Senegalese National School of Social Work and UNICEF of the studies on Child Protection in 4 regions of Senegal (Kolda, Dakar, Sedhiou and Matam). He also did a relevant research on girls’ marginality and care in Senegal with a special focus on social, demographic and economic factors that lead to marginality.

Professor Sall has also been involved in research related to problems facing young refugees in the African urban context, comparing their situation in Abidjan and Dakar to their situation in Geneva, Switzerland.  He has also been interested in the representations of the young Senegalese people on western countries that explain their migrations choices including their illegal and risky crossings through Atlantic and Mediterranean seas.


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