We are no longer accepting submissions. The last deadline was December 31, 2018 and the fund is now fully spent. Please see the list of contract recipients below and be on the lookout for a final report due to launch in late fall 2019.

Flexible Funding Mechanism

July 12 – December 31, 2018
Funding was made possible by the
New Venture Fund and Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys


The fund was designed to enable leaders from Low- and Middle-Income Countries increase INSPIRE awareness and engage civil society and governments at national and regional levels, and from those experiences to actively exert leadership in shaping and driving INSPIRE globally. A total of $750,000.00 USD was available within the INSPIRE Fund for this purpose. Contracts were considered in the range of $5,000 USD – $30,000 USD for the purpose described.

The fund, managed by the CPC Learning Network, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the 13-person Review Committee (members of the INSPIRE Working Group), prioritized local ownership and experience and supported INSPIRE promotion and dissemination efforts in 38 low- and middle-income countries through three funding cycles. The countries include: Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Georgia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vanuatu.


Contracts were issued to:

  • Primary Audience: local individuals, organizations and consortia (national and regional-level) from low- and middle-income countries (including but not limited to INSPIRE Working Group members):
    • Priority was given to local NGOs/CSOs (and local NGO/CSO-led consortia), however, we also welcomed applications from other local agencies such as government and academic institutions.
    • Individual applicants were considered if demonstrated extensive prior thematic and country-level expertise, access to networks and existing relationships.
  • Secondary audience: submissions from International NGOs (or INGO-led consortia) were considered; however, they had to clearly demonstrate how the proposed activities have been designed with local ownership in mind and how local actors benefited directly.

Dissemination and Promotion of the INSPIRE Package and Participation Support:
Contracts were issued to cover the costs for activities such as the following:

  • Developing spin-off products such as websites, translations into local languages, summaries, promotional videos, infographics, visual summaries and other ways to facilitate access to and understanding of INSPIRE;
  • Developing outreach and dissemination materials such as posters, fliers, brochures and social media packages;
  • Unbranded communications materials that can be adapted and deployed in any context;
  • Organizing informational activities, webinars, convenings, and events with key target audiences;
  • Presenting on INSPIRE strategies at key events;
  • Organizing capacity building workshops related to the INSPIRE framework;
  • Organizing local launches of INSPIRE with the commitment of key players;
  • Working with the scientific media and the general press to publish articles and Op-eds;
  • Documenting and sharing success stories;
  • Planning activities for eventual INSPIRE implementation;
  • Participation and travel support – activities in this category aimed to build leadership from Low- and Middle-Income Countries among the growing network of individuals and organizations committed to INSPIRE implementation. Contracts will cover costs for relevant actors and leaders from Low- and Middle-Income Countries to participate in trainings and technical discussions on INSPIRE and on how INSPIRE is promoted, including relevant events with informal networking and meeting opportunities that may help advance those discussions.

This group of activities aim to ensure that the INSPIRE package reaches its wide target audience (e.g., government ministries, NGOs, research agencies, international organizations and funders) and that relevant actors can effectively plan for INSPIRE implementation together. All proposed activities/contracts are expected to be completed no later than July 31, 2019.

INSPIRE Fund Contact Information:
Please direct all questions to:

Nicolas Makharashvili
Coordinator, INSPIRE Working Group and Fund
Senior Program Officer, CPC Learning Network | Columbia University


The list below does not include close to 20 travel and participation support awards issued to leaders from low- and middle-income countries to participate in INSPIRE related events and trainings.
The proposal summary section is extracted from the original submission and has not been modified or edited. 

CYCLE I (July 12 – August 31, 2018)


Arigatou International

Project Title: INSPIRE-ing faith communities to transform norms and values contributing to nurturing parenting and providing caregiver support.

Proposal Summary:
“The goal of this proposal is twofold: from one hand, we intend to increase INSPIRE awareness and reach among faith communities and networks, and from the other hand we aim to engage and mobilize faith leaders and communities to strengthen norms and values that support non-violent, respectful, nurturing, positive and gender-equitable parenting, contributing to reduce parenting practices that violate the dignity of the child, and to create positive caregiver-child relationships.”

Countries: India, Kenya, Pakistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka

Amount: $74,300.00

Contact: Eleonora Mura

College of Medicine, University of Ibadan
Proposal Title: Inter-Sectoral Project to Disseminate the INSPIRE package

Proposal Summary:
“This dissemination project will be undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team led by a Project Lead who has experience in conceptualization, development, implementation and evaluation of Public Health projects including projects with a focus on child and adolescent injury prevention The aim of the current project is to disseminate the INSPIRE technical package (comprising the Full report and Handbook) using a complement of methods. We are targeting a wide audience including children and adolescents, and a complement of individuals working in various child and adolescence response sectors.”

Country: Nigeria

Amount: $29,989.58

Contact: Adesola Olumide

Government Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs

Proposal Title: Strengthening Government Coordination and Leadership in Child Protection in Emergencies Project” with strong INSPIRE focus

Proposal Summary: “The participation in the “Strengthening Government Coordination and Leadership in Child Protection in Emergencies Project” will this government participant to acquire, through practical cases and concrete scenarios, the necessary knowledge and skills to take effective leadership in ensuring the quality of child protection services. In particular, it will increase government’s national capacity to implement evidence-based strategies and interventions for the prevention of and response to violence against children. More so, it will deepen their understanding of the INSPIRE strategy. The later is an opportunity for the subsequent dissemination of INSPIRE strategies and framework with government colleagues upon the participant’s return to the county, thereby reaching a wider audience and contribute to the government’s efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children.”

Country: Sierra Leone

Amount: $5,000.00

Contact: Daniel Albert Gbow

Childfund International Senegal

Project Title: INSPIRE through culture in Senegal: Dissemination and promotion of the INSPIRE Package through culture and community support to better protect children in Senegal

Proposal Summary: “The project offers to take advantage of the Senegalese capital city’s cultural hub position to disseminate and promote the 7 child protection strategies of the INSPIRE package to communities through rap music and theatre performance. Dakar being of national and international interest, the events will be advertised and broadcasted throughout the country to reach more people thanks to contracted relations with national and local TV and radio channels.”

Country: Senegal

Amount: $30,000.00

Contact: Carissa Faulkner

International NGO World Vision China Foundation Limited

Project Title: Building Awareness of INSPIRE Package with Multi-stakeholders in China

Proposal Summary: “This project aims to increase the awareness of the INSPIRE package in Shaanxi Province, with a focus on children, civil society organizations and government partners. A provincial children’s forum will be organized on 31 October 2018, with around 120 participants among children, caregivers, representatives from local civil society organizations (CSOs) and government officials. The forum will encourage key actors to respond to the issues around VAC, especially domestic violence, raised by the children, it will empower children as agents of change and responsible citizens. The forum will be a stepping stone in establishing an inter-sectoral alliance to tackle domestic violence in Shaanxi Province and set off the Campaign momentum. The forum will be implemented in partnership with the local NGO, the Shaanxi Province Charity Federation.”

Country: China

Amount: $30,000.00

Contact: Jonathan Su


Red por la Infancia

Project Title: INSPIRE in Argentina Dissemination and Promotion of the INSPIRE PACKAGE in Argentina as a way to raise awareness of the initiative and gain momentum in the ongoing process of Argentina becoming a pathfinding country.

Proposal Summary: “We plan to do this thru a series of actions in alliance / consortia with Ashoka,, the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, the vice president of the Child Ombudsman’s Commission and the Secretary of Human Rights as a way to guarantee key actors involvement and compromise with INSPIRE and maximize impact. The actions involve: Developing spin-off products to facilitate access to and understanding of INSPIRE, Organizing a national launch of INSPIRE with the commitment of key players; Documenting and sharing good practices and success stories that are occurring nationally in each of the seven strategies; And agree with state and non-state key players a future action plan for Argentina to become a pathfinding country and implement the INSPIRE package.”

Country: Argentina

Amount: $19,700.00

Contact: Paula Wachter

Initiative for Social Changes (ISC)

Project Title: Promotion of the INSPIRE strategies in Georgia

Proposal Summary: “The project main aim is to stakeholder’s engagement for mainstreaming INSPIRE strategies into national action plans and organizational policies. The specific objectives of the project are the following: (1) sharing information among stakeholders about INSPIRE principles, strategies and framework; (2) Engaging multi-stakeholders dialogue on using INSPIRE strategies to ending violence against children. The goals will be achieved by informational activities and capacity-building workshops. In the frame of the project, INSPIRE Core document will be translated in Georgian, INSPIRE Working Group Georgia will be established and developed, as well as large-scale event namely “INSPIRE Forum: Ending Violence Against Children” will be organized.”

Country: Georgia

Amount: $23,930.00

Contact Tamar Ivaniadze

National Network for Children

Project Title: Dissemination and Promotion of the INSPIRE Package in Bulgaria

Proposal Summary: “The present project for dissemination and promotion of the INSPIRE Package in Bulgaria is submitted from the National Network for Children – Bulgaria in its capacity as a Co-ordinator of the Childhood Without Violence Alliance. The Alliance on violence against children is an informal and open structure whose mission is to work to prevent and eradicate violence against children though coordinated actions and develop a widely recognised platform, engaging as many organisations, institutions, businesses, media and people as possible. The Alliance was created at the beginning of 2018 and at the moment consists of 19 non-governmental organisations and representatives of the academic sector. The promotion of INSPIRE and its integration in key strategic and policy documents and initiatives in Bulgaria are key activities in the Childhood Without Violence Alliance strategic framework for the period 2018 – 2020. We have already obtained permission for the translation and publication of the INSPIRE package in Bulgaria by the WHO and envisaged to have the Bulgarian version finalized by the 10th Sep. The current proposal to disseminate and promote INSPIRE package is targeted at children and parents’ policies, programmes and services decision-makers at national, regional and local level. The overall objective is to have disseminated and promoted INSPIRE package among key Ministries, Agencies and child protection stakeholders at national level, 10 regions and 5 local Municipalities in Bulgaria by July 2019.”

Country: Bulgaria

Amount: $29,870.00

Contact: Marusia Tsvetkova

Save the Children South Africa

Project Title: Leveraging Sectoral Engagement around INSPIRE to End Violence against Children in South Africa

Proposal Summary: “South Africa is a Pathfinder Country, meaning that it has made a formal pledge to accelerate action to end all forms of violence against children through, amongst other things, seeking alignment with seven strategies of the INSPIRE package. Indeed, the draft POA: VAWC has aligned with the goals of the INSPIRE package. However, the level of general awareness and use of the INSPIRE package and principles is fairly low South Africa, particularly amongst government officials and NGOs – sectors where most of the on-the-ground VAC work is being implemented. Moreover, there is little understanding of the specific roles the three critical sectors (government, NGOs and researchers) can play to support implementation of the strategies. We propose to: • Organize and facilitate 3 sector-specific workshops to raise awareness and engage around the INSPIRE Package with government, civil society and academia. These workshops will identify each sector’s unique contribution to realizing the INSPIRE strategies, assess progress to date and identify opportunities for development and improvement. • Leverage two of the national Dialogue Forum for Evidence-Based Programmes to Prevent VAWC meetings to build capacity among members around the INSPIRE Framework and to develop a multi-sectoral response • Facilitate a child participation workshop to enable children to voice their opinion around VAC and the INSPIRE principles The output for these activities will include sector-level reports on the level of engagement with INSPIRE in South Africa, and integrated report that will be submitted as part of the reporting structure to the Global Partnership as part of South Africa’s role as a Pathfinder Country, an infographic illustrating the principles and components of INSPIRE in an easily accessible way, and a published policy brief or equivalent.”

Country: South Africa

Amount: $29,473.86

Contact: Sara Naicker

CYCLE II (September 1 – October 31, 2018)

Child Protection Network

Project Title: INSPIRE Armenia

Proposal Summary: “The project is aimed at to the promotion of INSPIRE strategies in Armenia. Within the project framework it will be possible to adapt, translate and put in practice the INSPIRE strategies as a tool for ending violence against children, by developing an evidence-based technical package to support the Government in its efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children aged 0-17 years. The project will be implemented in cooperation with an Share Love not Violence Partnership, which is the Ending Violence Against Children in Armenia campaign. In February 2017, World Vision Armenia created a partnership of twelve major child-focused organizations in Armenia, including UNICEF, Save the Children, SOS children’s villages – Armenia, Children of Armenia Fund, Child Protection Network, Family and Community NGO, Civil Society Institute, Child Support Center of Fund for Armenian Relief, Ombudsman Institute, Child Development Foundation and “Partnership and Teaching” NGO. Two media companies are partners of the campaign: Lratvakan (News) Radio, Yerkir Media TV company. The partnership will be formalized by a Memorandum of Understanding, of NGOs (both international and national) by becoming a significant component for Ending Violence against Children in Armenia campaign.”

Countries: Armenia

Amount: $29,480.00 USD

Contact: Nune Balyan



Project Title: INSPIRE Promotional Video

Proposal Summary: “The objective of this proposal is to create a promotional video to facilitate the understanding of INSPIRE and advocate for Governments and organizations around the world to use INSPIRE. I am proposing to design an engaging animated video that can be used in a variety of cultural contexts. The video will show the different INSPIRE strategies and how they impact the lives of children. It can be projected during events, shared through web platforms / social media / emails and integrated in readable presentation documents.”

Countries: Global

Amount: $24,900.00 USD

Contact: Timothee (Tamo) Wagener


Bureau Internatinal Catholique de L’Enfance

Project Title: Dissemination of INSPIRE strategies

Proposal Summary: “In the framework of its international project ‘Fighting Violence against Children 2019 – 2021’implemented in 9 countries from Latin America and Easter Europe, the International Catholic Child Bureau (ICCB) proposes to disseminate the INSPIRE strategies among its partners, local civil society and governmental agencies. For this purpose, ICCB will organize the following activities: – Organizing 2 regional conferences on INSPIRE strategies in Armenia and Uruguay for about 70 participants; – Drafting of a framework document guiding the integration of the INSPIRE strategies in the activities foreseen during the ‘Fighting Violence against Children 2019-2021’ project; – Organizing local activities aimed at disseminating the INSPIRE strategies in all countries where the project is being implemented. The expected results of the project are: – The INSPIRE strategies are well known and understood by all the project’s partners; – The INSPIRE strategies are integrated in local activities of the project and disseminated among governmental and non-governmental actors of child protection.”

Countries: Armenia, Chile, Georgia, Lithuania, Paraguay, Peru, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Uruguay

Amount: $25,000.00 USD

Contact:  Diana Filatova


Youth for Social Development (YSD)

Project Title: Creating community awareness on INSPIRE framework in Ganjam district, Odisha India

Proposal Summary: “Youth for Social Development with INSPIRE to prevent violence against children by disseminating and creating awareness of the INSPIRE framework to various stakeholders including front line service providers, government and elected officials, Juvenile Justice Board, special judicial police unit, child care institutions, session courts, and child line, and build on the strategies adopted and best practices, by organising sub-district and district level awareness camps, dissemination workshop at district and state level and building the capacity of local NGOs to monitor the framework, design user-friendly local IEC materials with active participation of children and other stakeholders.”

Countries: India

Amount: $15,881.00 USD

Contact: Bibhu Prasad Sahu

Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC)

Project Title: INSPIRE Commune Committee for Women and Children to Prevent and End Violence Against Children

Proposal Summary: “Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC) has technically supported the Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC) in violence affected provinces of Cambodia, especially in Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Siem Reap and Tbong Khmum provinces. In June 2018, colleagues from World Health Organization (WHO) presented the INSPIRE Strategies to a group of civil society organizations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. CHC was the only local NGO to participate and work directly with CCWCs at district and commune level and therefore well placed to take this forward at provincial level and in communities. The workshop was completed with recommendations that the INSPIRE Strategies should be translated in Khmer; the INSPIRE Strategies and Framework should be introduced to CCWCs. With existing and strong collaboration with CCWCs in the four target provinces, CHC proposes to pilot four capacity building workshops for 100 CCWCs (25 CCWCs per workshop) from Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Siem Reap and Tbong Khmum. 4 refresher workshops will also be organized to monitor and follow up the knowledge and practice of INSPIRE strategies and framework in the daily work of CCWCs. CHC leadership and relevant staff and resource persons will work to translate the INSPIRE strategies and develop a practical manual of INSPIRE framework for distribution to CCWCs. Supporting and strengthening the capacity of CCWCs with the INSPIRE strategies and framework is worth investing as CHC leadership believes that education through building capacity of local leaders is a sustainable framework in changing violent norms and behaviors positively towards preventing and ending all forms of violence against children in all settings. CHC requests for funding in a total amount of US$29,991 to organize capacity building workshops related to INSPIRE framework, monitor and follow up the application of INSPIRE actions implementation by CWCCs in the four target provinces.”

Countries: Kingdom of Cambodia

Amount: $29,991.00 USD

Contact: Sok Phay Sean


Nirengi Dernegi

Project Title: Nirengi Dernegi INSPIRE Turkey

Proposal Summary: “We would like to translate INSPIRE core document to Turkish, develop Turkish executive summaries of INSPIRE handbook and Indicator Guidance and Results Framework to disseminate package. Therefore, we plan to organize a workshop and webinar to introduce INSPIRE program to governmental and non-governmental actors working on prevention of child abuse. We also plan to conduct a comprehensive communication campaign to increase INSPIRE package awareness and reach a wider audience. We, as Nirengi Association have a trust building based relationship with all stakeholders, specifically with the public agencies. In addition to, we, confident to bring INSPIRE on board to encourage cooperation and learning within governmental, non-governmental, and other all related actors.”

Countries: Turkey

Amount: $30,000 USD

Contact: Idil Turkmen

Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home”

Project Title: Enhancing the system for counteracting to domestic violence in Ukraine on the basis of INSPIRE strategies

Proposal Summary: “The project is aimed at increasing the capacity of state institutions and NGOs for fighting the child abuse and supporting the implementation of INSPIRE complex at regional and national levels. The goal will be achieved through implementation of educational and communication activities for specialists of NPOs, state and local institutions, through publishing of translated INSPIRE handbooks, through wide dissemination of information materials about INSPIRE in Ukrainian regions and through counseling.”

Countries: Ukraine

Amount: $22,705.00 USD

Contact: Sergiy Kostin

Association for the Protection of All Children (APPROACH) Ltd

Project Title: Using the INSPIRE strategies to end violent punishment of children in Indonesia and Côte d’Ivoire

Proposal Summary: “In partnership with NGO and government national partners, we will hold workshops in South Africa, Indonesia and Côte d’Ivoire on ending the most common form of violence against children – violent punishment in homes, schools and other settings – using the INSPIRE strategies.”

Countries: Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire

Amount: $22,500 00 USD

Contact: Elinor Milne

World Vision Pacific & Timor-Leste

Project Title: Vanuatu Respect: Youth Online Safety and Healthy Relationship Curriculum in Vanuatu

Proposal Summary: “World Vision Vanuatu proposes the Vanuatu Respect project to address INSPIRE Strategy #7: Education and Life Skills and reduce the level of social acceptance towards GBV through equipping ni-Vanuatu adolescents with the skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships free from violence throughout their lives. World Vision will work with secondary schools to roll out the Rispektem Yu Wan, Rispektem Narafala Man (Respect Yourself, Respect Others) Online Safety and Healthy Relationships curriculum. This curriculum is a life skills approach recently developed and tested by World Vision Vanuatu to help adolescents protect themselves, treat others with respect and be positive citizens. The project will use the INSPIRE handbook as a vehicle for raising the capacity of local World Vision staff in Vanuatu to plan and implement effective programming related to reducing violence against children. To ensure maximum impact, the project will be integrated into World Vision Vanuatu’s It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children campaign and its Relationship Education About Choices and Healing (REACH) program, both of which are focused on reducing and preventing violence in families and communities, especially violence against children. In a Rispektem Yu Wan, Rispektem Narafala Man workshop, adolescents are actively engaged in discussions and activities that address themes of healthy relationships, consent and respect, and strategies for identifying and addressing unhealthy and abusive relationships. Given the increasing cases of harassment and blackmail using technology in Vanuatu, the curriculum also addresses cyber safety and how rights and responsibilities extend to the online world.”

Countries: Vanuatu

Amount: $30,000.00 USD

Contact: Luciana Sitanggang


LVCT Health

Project Title: Creating awareness on the INSPIRE package among key stakeholders in Kenya

Proposal Summary: “Over the past five years, the Kenyan government through the Division of Children Services and Ministry of Health has made significant efforts to improve VAC response services. However, less attention has been given to the development and implementation of VAC prevention interventions. There are no national policy guidelines that define what strategies work for VAC prevention and no structured coordination and monitoring mechanisms to ensure synergistic and effective program implementation among the key players. This project provides a valuable opportunity to: i) create awareness of VAC among policy makers, county health management teams ,Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other VAC prevention implementing partners / service providers and; ii) to advocate for collaboration, commitment and adaptation of the evidence based VAC prevention strategies as guided by the INSPIRE package. This will be achieved through five strategies: Developing country specific dissemination materials that target different audiences; providing technical support to the national government to develop a VAC National plan of action; providing technical support to one County health management team (CHMT) to include the INSPIRE strategies in the county annual operational plan(AOP); engaging select CSOs to advocate for adaptation of the INSPIRE package and hold government accountable for implementing the adapted package and forming a community of practice (COP) focused on discussing the INSPIRE package.”

Countries: Kenya

Amount: $ 30,043.00 USD

Contact Lina Digolo


CYCLE III (November 1 – December 31, 2019)

Center for Children’s Rights Montenegro

Project Title: Promotion of the INSPIRE strategies in Montenegro

Proposal Summary: “The project main aim is to create professional support towards the implementation of Montenegro’s Strategy on Prevention and Ending Violence Against Children. This aim would be reached by the following specific objectives: (1) developing an accredited training program for social workers and education staff on INSPIRE strategies; (2) Improve the knowledge of national and local decisions- and policy-makers of the INSPIRE strategies (3) Linking Montenegrin professionals with other South-East European counterparts to exchange on their work ending violence against children.”

Countries: Montenegro

Amount: $30,000

Contact: Jelena Gluscevic

Centre for Communication and Development (CCD)

Proposal Title: Promoting and Increasing INSPIRE Awareness in Bangladesh

Proposal Summary: “In Bangladesh, children are probably the most neglected members of society and hardly have any voice, even within the home. As a result, they are consistently becoming easy victims of all sorts of violence. A large number of children are deprived of their basic human rights due to unacceptable health, nutrition and education as well as social conditions and protection. In addition, children are exposed to severe forms of physical and mental violence at home, in the work place, in institutions and other public places. The nature and extent of violence against children irrespective of age, sex and class has been increasing day by day. On the whole, our children are not safe despite efforts made by government and non-government organisations in ensuring to end violation against children. INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children is an evidence-based technical package to support countries in their efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children aged 0-17 years. The package includes the core document describing what the INSPIRE strategies and interventions are; an implementation handbook that provides details on how to implement the interventions, and a set of indicators to measure the uptake of INSPIRE and its impact on levels of violence against children. The strategies will advance efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal target 16.2 to end all forms of violence against children. Very recently CCD has conducted a short survey among the 10 Member of Parliament, 20 Officials of Women and Children Welfare Department, 50 local NGOs and 50 local journalists for identifying their existing knowledge on INSPIRE Package. But unfortunately none of them have any knowledge about INSPIRE even they are not aware at all about the INSPIRE initiative. Therefore, under the proposed project CCD would like to conduct media advocacy to the concerned policymakers and high officials of the government including the concerned stakeholders and media personnel so that they can aware of and sensitize about the INSPIRE initiative as well as take necessary action to promote this package in preventing violence against children. In this regards CCD would like translate and publish the INSPIRE Package in Bangle language, produce and publish workshops material of INSPIRE Package in Bangle as well as produce and publishing social media contents of INSPIRE Package in Bangle. At the same time CCD would like to arrange a series of sensitization workshops with the community radio broadcasters, media personnel and concerned stakeholders at the local level so that all the concerned section of the local can be aware about the INSPIRE Package and they can incorporate the seven strategies INSPIRE for ending violence against children. On the basis of each workshop CCD will produce a series of short video documentaries that will share and publish the Facebook Page of Radio Padma which has more then 4.4 millions active followers. At the same time CCD will broadcast a total 17 live radio shows through 17 radio stations to created mass awareness on INSPIRE Package. As a result multimedia campaign and dialogue million of people including all the concerned section both government and non government organizations and stakeholders of the country will be aware of and sensitize about the INSPIRE Package and they could be able to raise their voice in this regards which will be accountable to the concerned department of the government and non government organization to take necessary initiative to incorporate the seven strategies INSPIRE for ending violence against children of the country.”

Country: Bangladesh

Amount: $30,000

Contact: Golam Mourtoza

ChildPact – Regional Coalition for Child Protection

Proposal Title: Building Regional and National Capacities to Disseminate and Promote the Implementation of the INSPIRE Package in the Extended Black Sea Region

Proposal Summary: “ChildPact is a regional coalition of 10 countries in the extended Black Sea Area. ChildPact and its members are committed to the principles and guidelines of UN CRC and have as one of their current priorities working to support ending violence against children. We welcome the INSPIRE package as an extraordinary resource that should not be promoted only towards governments but also towards the wide NGO community working for children and families and also to the wider media and general public that needs to be educated to understand, identify and fight any form of violence. The communication objectives of the proposed project are (1) to disseminate the principles and strategies included in the INSPIRE package and the package itself as a comprehensive resource to strengthen efforts to end violence against children in the region and (2) to build regional and national capacities of NGO coalitions to further disseminate and promote the INSPIRE package through targeted and evidence based advocacy activities conducted in multi-stakeholder partnerships. The target audience of objective 1 consists primarily of child-focused NGOs in the region, public institutions with attributions related to children, experts and professionals working in the field of child protection and children rights and secondarily the media and general public. The target audience of objective 2 consists of national coalitions of child-focused NGOs and their member NGOs.”

Country: Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Azerbaijan

Amount: $24,000

Contact: Cristina Rigman


Proposal Title: STIMULATE communities and the Government to transform the norms and values of INSPIRE to strengthen the fight against violence against children in Haiti

Proposal Summary: “The results of DCC’s 2012 investigation into violence against children in Haiti found that violence against children is a serious problem in Haiti. Referring to this report, IDETTE through this project intends to strengthen the coordination and leadership of the Haitian government as well as communities in the fight against violence against children in order to increase the national capacity of the government to put national strategies and interventions based on convincing data to prevent and combat violence against the most disadvantaged children in Haiti. Given that the report of the survey identified the gaps in violence against children in Haiti, this project will help the government (MAST / IBESR) to develop a national action plan to end the violence. against children and this plan will be validated by all stakeholders. Specifically this project will be articulated (i) towards multisectoral outreach to communities and key protection actors on the 7 INSPIRE child protection strategies through WGTP, community forums etc., (ii) the development of the resulting products to facilitate access to INSPIRE and its understanding, through an INSPIRE launch in the departments of West, South, Grand’Anse, (iii) Engage and mobilize key players, community leaders, local elected officials to reinforce the norms and values ​​that convey nonviolent, respectful, positive and equitable parenting to reduce the risk of abuse and abuse within families and to create positive relationships between caregiver and child, (iv) ) finally to work in perfect collaboration with the Haitian Government and the key actors of protection in order to define a national plan of action so that Haiti become a PIONEER country by implementing the INSPIRE package.”

Country: Haiti

Amount: $ 29,923.65

Contact: Guillaume Gerald

Tides Center

Proposal Title: Developing Advocates for the Social Service Workforce to Achieve the SDGs and End Violence Against Children

Proposal Summary: “The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance aims to educate and develop advocates for the social service workforce through a media training for key actors within Uganda followed by a press conference and sensitization event with the media. The Alliance will work with the Child Protection Working Group in Uganda to develop a training program and materials that will include a facilitator’s guide, radio PSA, flyers and press release. The materials will be shared nationally, followed by uploading these materials to the Alliance’s website for greater use globally. Alliance Ambassadors, a group of 10 social service workforce champions across 10 countries will further help to share these materials as they lead social service workforce strengthening efforts in their countries and regions. A key component of the training will be on the role of the social service workforce in delivering on ‘R’ within INSPIRE (response services) to meet the SDGs and end violence against children in particular. As Uganda is a Pathfinder Country, it is expected that skills learned in the training and materials developed for interacting with the media will be used at both national and sub-county levels. Following this event, the materials will be shared more widely to develop more advocates for social service workforce strengthening to better protect children, families and communities. The Alliance has extensive experience in developing resources and tools for increasing planning, development and support for the social service workforce, particularly in the area of child protection. In 2017 the Alliance collaborated with Without Violence to develop a Global Advocacy Toolkit with infographics, messages, narratives, fact sheets and tips for communicating to and influencing decision-makers for increased programmatic and political will. The Alliance then proposes to participate in the National Association of Child Care Workers Conference immediately following, in Durban, South Africa, where more than 1500 participants are expected. The Alliance will present as part of a plenary session that include Cornelius Williams, Chief of Child Protection at UNICEF, and that will be live broadcast globally. The Alliance will also conduct a session during the conference to further share some of the materials developed and best practices on advocating for the workforce as well as sponsor an informational booth. The INSPIRE Handbook and Implementation Guide would be among featured materials shared and used as part of these sessions on the need for a stronger social service workforce to deliver response services toward meeting the SDGs and ending violence against children. Through strengthening the abilities of those working within and supportive to the social service workforce to better advocate to government and decision-makers for appropriate planning, development and support, this frontline workforce will be best positioned to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.”

Country: Uganda (+ global member network)

Amount: $ 30,000

Contact: Betsy Sherwood

Violence Prevention Alliance

Proposal Title: Inspire Jamaica, Promotion of Strategies to End Violence against Children

Proposal Summary: “The Alliance seeks to further promote the INSPIRE strategies and the Road Map to End Violence Against Children, amongst multi-sectoral stakeholders so as to equip them with strategies and tools to reduce the impact of violence on children. This will be achieved through 2 specific objectives: 1. Increased awareness of the INSPIRE strategies and Road Map amongst agencies and CSO’s 2. Focused and targeted knowledge of violence prevention strategies for children The project will approach both objectives through three key strategies: − Direct engagement of network and partners through workshops and meetings − Targeted campaign culminating in a Peace Day activity in March 2019 − Media placements in both traditional and social media.”

Country: Jamaica

Amount: $ 30,000

Contact: Elizabeth Ward


World Vision Perú

Proposal Title: The voice of girls and boys to promote INSPIRE

Proposal Summary: “Girls, boys and adolescents have the transforming potential to change generations. They can advocate among their peers, families, communities and in the country. WV supports two organizations of girls, boys and adolescents. The CCONNAs, which were established in 2009 promoted by a statewide sector that works with girls, boys and adolescents. The ANALIT network that is a strategy of promotion and advocacy for the rights of girls and boys at community, provincial, regional and national level in 6 regions of the country. The project aims that the Children and Adolescents Advisory Boards (CCONNA) and the National Association of Leaders for Transformation (ANALIT) may understand and spread information about INSPIRE to strengthen their capacities of monitoring and advocacy at being consulted regarding national, regional and local public policies on violence against children. Likewise, it is intended that they could replicate it with their peers through recreational participatory methodologies and generate a higher reach of INSPIRE.”

Country: Peru

Amount: $ 30,000

Contact: Elizabeth Bedoya


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