Hasara Kalubowila

Hasara graduated from Social Work school in Sri Lanka with a specialization in mental and medical health social work. She also completed a course in counseling psychology at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Currently, she works as a Programme Officer at the Institute of Participatory Interaction in Development (IPID) and she also serves as the Coordinator for the Child Protection in Crisis, Learning Network – Sri Lanka. Before joining the IPID, Hasara served as a Programme Officer in two local NGOs, House of Hope Sri Lanka and Chibby’s Friends, which helped underprivileged children suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, mental and physical disabilities. As a CPC Learning Network – Sri Lanka Coordinator, she is responsible for organizing bi-monthly meetings for knowledge-sharing and experience-sharing, and she represents the Network in governmental and non-governmental child-related activities and events.

Email: cpclnsrilanka@gmail.com

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