Rabia Ayub

Rabia joined the CPC Learning Network as a Graduate practicum student in June 2022 while pursuing an MPH with a certificate in Global Health. Rabia’s work over the summer was dedicated to documenting contributions of Women of Color in movements against child sexual abuse. Rabia will continue as Graduate Research Assistant on this project along with other projects with CPC.

Rabia is a dental graduate and completed a Bachelors from University of Health Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. Rabia is passionate about human rights, child protection, and LGBTQI health. Rabia wants to be a data driven activist and quantify abstract sociology constructs. Rabia has experience in dental surgery, forensics, monitoring and evaluation, and COVID-19 data teams. Rabia has worked as an embryology lecturer, served on national COVID-19 teams, and is an advocate for trans healthcare in Pakistan.

Email: ra3145@cumc.columbia.edu

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