Connor Wright

Connor Wright is graduate research assistant with the CPC Learning Network and a second-year MPH student in the Department of Population and Family Health with a certificate in Public Health and Humanitarian Assistance. Connor originally grew up in Los Angeles, but moved to New Orleans to study International Public Health and French at Tulane University. Throughout his undergraduate degree he worked at various non-profit organizations including the Organization Panafricaine de Lutte contra le Side (OPALS) and AIDS Project: Los Angeles. After college he moved to France and worked for the Ministry of Education teaching in French middle and high schools. For his MPH Practicum experience, Connor worked with the CPC Learning Network, The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK), and UNHCR on the research initiative, Rainbow Childhoods, to increase qualitative data on gender and sexuality development among children and youth around the world and to reinforce service provision for this sub-population. Connor looks forward to working with the CPC Learning Network on issues related to child protection and development, LGBTIQ+ health, and the forced migration field.


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