Abraham Fofana

Abraham A. Fofana, the PLG Liberia Coordinator, is a lecturer in the Political Science department at the University of Liberia. He has lectured for more than 10 years in various national and international universities. Mr. Fofana has his degree in Linguistics, post graduate diploma in Public Administration, and a Master’s degree in Human Science in Political Science. Mr. Fofana also completed advanced training in Peace, Security and Human rights in Sweden and Cambodia. He has served as a guest researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute  in Uppsala, Sweden.

His research interests are Security, Ethnicity, International Organizations and Psychosocial counseling. He has published many articles including “Transformation of OAU into AU: Prospects and Challenges” and “Muslim Women in the Global Society.” Other writings include “Disarming and Building Peace in Liberia: Challenges and Prospects,” “Psychosocial Program Evaluation: Developing a Better Understanding of Effective Interventions to Achieve the ‘Soft’ Life-Stage Outcomes for Children” and “Baseline Assessment on Sexual and Gender-based Violence in River Gee and Sinoe Counties, Liberia.”

Email: fofanaabraham@yahoo.com

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