Andres Molano

Research Scientist
Global Ties for Children
New York University

Andres Molano, EdD is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Education at Universidad de los Andes (on leave), and a Research Scientist at Global Ties for Children at New York University. His basic developmental work focuses on understanding the effects of school, community and media-based interventions on the cognitive, social, and emotional skills development of children worldwide. A strand of Molano’s work explores the time-variant effects of risk and protective factors on learning and social and emotional development. A second line focuses on developing, adapting, and implementing the most rigorous quantitative methods to questions of human development and evaluations of social interventions and public policies designed to improve the development of children and youth worldwide. Molano has a particular interest in causal inference, social networks, and ecologically valid measurements. In 2014, he received his doctorate in Human Development and Education from Harvard University. Andres also holds a B.A in Psychology and an Ed.M on Prevention Science and Practice from Harvard University, and an Ed.M. from the Universidad de los Andes, in Bogota, Colombia.

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