Amy E. Ritterbusch

Assistant Professor
University of Los Andes, Colombia

Dr. Amy Ritterbusch is the PLG Focal Person and an Assistant Professor in the School of Government at the University of Los Andes in Colombia. She received a doctoral degree from the Department of Politics and International Relations at Florida International University, Miami, FL and teaches ‘Introduction to Qualitative Methods,’ ‘Participatory Action Research in Social Projects,’ and an urban action course named ‘The Right to the City.’ Her research interests include youth-based participatory action research (YPAR) with marginalized children and youth throughout Colombia and Latin America utilizing geo-ethnographic and auto-photographic methodologies. In the past years, Amy has conducted different participatory action research projects with the street youth population in Bogota, Colombia, specifically focusing on the social impact of substance abuse (shoe glue and ‘bazuco’) and prostitution in their daily lives and experiences of socio-spatial exclusion. Amy has additionally led qualitative and action research projects on poverty, human trafficking, and drug addiction in marginalized children and youth’s lives in rural and urban areas of Colombia.


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