Santi Kusumaningrum

Santi Kusumaningrum is the co-founder and director of PUSKAPA, a think tank that uses evidence to realise changes in Indonesia. With the center, she manages policy advocacy and the implementation of solutions she and her team design based on research. PUSKAPA also mobilises young people’s capacity to enhance civic engagement. PUSKAPA work focuses on addressing and mitigating the implications of poverty, violence, discrimination, and social-environmental risks in children and at-risk individuals. PUSKAPA also works to ensure that everyone is counted since birth and their privacy is protected while their data are managed ethically and with accountability to inform policy decisions. Lastly, PUSKAPA works to realise civil rights of children in and outside the justice system. Santi envisions a younger leadership in PUSKAPA by 2025 at the latest. One of her priorities now is preparing for that and ensuring that the work of PUSKAPA sustains. In the academic world, Santi seeks to build scientific and ethical rigour in social justice.


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