Newsletter: January 2018

Happy New Year! In this edition of our newsletter, we are proud to open with the progress that PUSKAPA, our amazing affiliate in Indonesia, the Center on Child Protection and Well-Being, has been making in helping the government to improve child policies. It is also our pleasure to share with you a special issue  of the Journal of Adolescent Health with contributions from a number of CPC affiliates; it focuses on economic strengthening interventions implemented in sub-Saharan Africa among impoverished adolescents. As always, we are also excited to present recent publications and opportunities from the CPC Learning Network and partner agencies.
The launch of a new year often brings with it transitions, and below you will learn about comings and goings of some of our key research associates.  We’re also excited to announce that we are hiring for two positions: a Senior Program Officer and a Program Officer.  Please read more below if you are interested or would like to spread the word.  Finally, I am delighted to announce that–in reflection with the CPC Learning Network’s illustrious Advisory Board–we have decided that my long-time associate Mark Canavera should join me as a co-director of the network’s many spinning wheels.
As we launch into the new year, we look forward to working with you in pursuit of a world where children are safe and healthy.
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