Newsletter: August 2019

Last week, our partner PUSKAPA, the Center on Child Protection and Well-Being at the University of Indonesia, turned ten years old. The spark for PUSKAPA was the vision of its director, Dr. Santi Kusumaningrum, who fused razor-sharp intelligence, charming wit, and sheer determination to coalesce a diverse group of stakeholders around the common goal of better evidence for policies and programs that impact Indonesian children’s lives. I have often said that I believe Santi will be the first person to win the Nobel Peace Prize for connecting child protection to socio-economic development and sustainable peace.

Mark Canavera had the good fortune to spend the weeks leading up to this anniversary working with the vibrant PUSKAPA team. Whether they are guiding policymakers on how to ensure children from all social and economic backgrounds can access basic services or advocating for child-friendly criminal justice reform, the PUSKAPA team members bring enthusiasm, creativity, and scientific rigor to their work. They publish illuminating research connecting global trends, national policies, and family-level practices. But what gives me the most hope is witnessing how a new generation of leaders in research and advocacy is emerging within PUSKAPA and inspiring others.

Happy anniversary, PUSKAPA team! It has been the CPC Learning Network’s privilege to accompany you on this journey for the first ten years, and we look forward to supporting your leadership for at least another decade more.

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