The CPC Learning Network hosted a symposium series in 2013-2014 entitled “Measuring the Immeasurable: Building the Evidence Necessary for Effective Child Protection and Family Welfare Policies and Programs.” These symposia brought together experts to discuss best practices and share tools and resources.

June 2, 2015: Illuminating Change: Ten Years of Measuring the Care and Protection of Children

Reflecting upon its work over the past ten years, the CPC Learning Network and the DCHA Bureau’s Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance hosted a symposium to review the progress made in international child protection and family welfare—not only advances in measurement but also the development of knowledge transfer platforms to ensure research uptake.

March 6, 2015: Keeping Children and Families Together with Economic Strengthening

This symposium, sponsored by the CPC Network, Women’s Refugee Commission, and FHI 360, explored current best practices and evidence on the use of economic strengthening interventions to prevent child separation and support child reintegration back into families and communities.

September 23, 2014: The State of the Evidence on Children’s Care

This symposium, co-convened by the Better Care Network and the CPC Learning Network, explored the development and implementation of key initiatives to better measure and address issues of children’s care at country, regional, or international levels.

February 19, 2014: The Social Service Workforce and the Practice of Working with Vulnerable Children and Families

This symposium, co-convened by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, explored how we measure the efficacy of the social service workforce, what tools are available for such measurements, and how we measure efforts to strengthen the workforce.

Measuring the Immeasurable Symposium Series (Overview)

This three-part symposium series explored complex topics related to measurement of global child protection and social welfare and promoted dialogue about key knowledge gaps and methods that can be used to best fill them.

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