February 19, 2014: The Social Service Workforce and the Practice of Working with Vulnerable Children and Families

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York

Part of the CPC Learning Network symposium series “Measuring the Immeasurable: Building the Evidence Necessary for Effective Child Protection and Family Welfare Policies and Programs,” this symposium explored how we measure the efficacy of the social service workforce, what tools are available for such measurements, and how we measure efforts to strengthen the workforce. The symposium was co-sponsored by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

Watch the Introduction to the Symposium by Mark Canavera and Amy Bess.

Panel 1: Learning About Measuring the Social Service Workforce from the Experience of Other Social Sectors
Moderator: Jessica Rose, Senior Technical Advisor for Monitoring and Evaluation, Health Systems Strengthening Team, USAID
Presentations by:
Jim McCaffery, Senior Advisor, CapacityPlus and Training Resources Group
Helen de Pinho, Assistant Professor of Population and Family Health at Mailman and Associate Director, Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program
Jane Spinak, Edward Ross Aranow Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia University and the co-founder of the Child Advocacy Clinic
Watch Panel 1.

Panel 2: The State of the Evidence Concerning Social Service Workforce Strengthening
Moderator: Maury Mendenhall, Senior Technical Advisor, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, USAID, Office of HIV/AIDS
Presentations by:
Joan Zlotnik, Director, Social Work Policy Institute, National Association of Social Workers
Rebecca Davis, Associate Professor at Rutgers School of Social Work and Director, Center for International Social Work Studies
Mari Hickmann, Monitoring & Evaluation Program Advisor at Futures Group International Mark Preston, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Columbia University School of Social Work
Watch Panel 2.

Panel 3: University Research and Training Partnerships for Faculty Development
Moderator: Mette Christiansen, Director, Concentration in Human Services in the Department of Sociology, New Paltz State University of NY
Presentations by:
Martha Haffey, Director, Building Professional Social Work, and retired Associate Professor from the Hunter College School of Social Work of the City University of New York
Martha Bragin, Associate Professor at Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, and Chair, Global Social Work and Practice with Immigrants and Refugees
Tina Maschi, Associate Professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and Founder and Executive Director, Be the Evidence Project

Presentations and Relevant Resources
Symposium Program
Symposium Recap
Jim McAffery Slides: Measuring the Social Service Workforce
Joan Zlotnik Slides: Recruitment and Retention of the Right Workforce
Mari Hickmann Slides: Enhancing Social Service Workforce Development, Improving the Evidence Base
Mark Preston Slides: Awakening Self-Motivation in Social Service Workers
Martha Bragin Slides: Professional Social Work for Child Protection in Afghanistan
Martha Haffey Slides: A Process Model for Curriculum Development and Training of Social Work Faculty in Indonesia
Rebecca Davis Slides: Assessing Workforce and Service Gaps through Multiple Lenses
Tina Maschi Slides: Building Capacity Close to Home

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