October 13, 2016 Webinar: Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts

CPC Learning Network hosted a webinar with Laura Rawlings and Jeffery Tanner from the World Bank discussing “Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts” on Thursday, October 13 from 12-1:30pm EDT. Laura moderated the discussion and gave an overview of how the World Bank is approaching early childhood development. Jeff presented the results of a recently completed systematic review of the evidence on the long-term impacts of early childhood development initiatives as observed in primary school years and on to adulthood. They identified knowledge gaps and invited a discussion on how to build evidence around promising initiatives to fill these gaps.

Download the “Framework and World Bank Perspectives” presentation slides here.

Download the “Systematic Review of Impact Evaluation Evidence” presentation slides here.

Read the “Stepping up Early Childhood Development: Investing in Young Children for High Returns” report here.

Read the systematic review here.

Watch “The Benefits of Investing in Children” video here.

Access the “Do Nutrition Benefits Last Beyond the First 1,000 Days” infographic here.

Access the “Early Childhood Interventions – Where are the Knowledge Gaps?” infographic here.

Access the “Impact of Interventions on Early Childhood Development Outcomes” infographic here.

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